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Many prestigious publications have featured Caliper’s unique concepts and approach to improving organizations. Here are some of our most frequently requested pieces.



Caliper’s inspiring books show you how to: hire and develop top performers; identify your own defining qualities; determine if someone has what it takes for a new job; and so much more.


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Our clients turn to us for help in many different areas. Their ultimate goal, however, is the same: success in achieving their desired results. See who we’ve helped and how we’ve done it.



In our Webinars, you’ll hear Caliper clients share their experiences and secrets for success while Caliper consultants provide insights, ideas and guidance for achieving your goals.



Caliper has advised more than 28,000 companies on Hiring, Employee Development, Team Building and Organizational Development.  We are frequently asked to share our insights through our various presentations.



Our whitepapers provide a deeper understanding of how Caliper works and give insights into improving your processes for hiring and developing top performing employees.

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What does it really cost when you select the wrong person for the job?