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Client Testimonials

Trimac places a large emphasis on individual assessment for hiring, onboarding, promotion, development and cultural “fit”. Over many years, our relationship with Caliper has grown. The value of a Caliper assessment is in the personal debrief that accompanies each assessment as further productive actions are identified for the individual, their supervisor and the company. Caliper continues to be an important Trimac business partner.

Bruce Toner, VP HR, Trimac

One of the unique features of the Caliper Assessment is that it can be used to provide value-added insights for a variety of different roles. We started to use Caliper 8 years ago to support our rigorous hiring process. We are extremely pleased with the results and have recently taken the valuable data provided by Caliper and expanded it to include our Organizational Development Process. An organization like Chemtrade, can utilize this data as a support tool for career and succession planning, as well as ongoing employee development. We are extremely happy with the results!

Maryann Romano, Vice President Human Resources, Chemtrade Logistics

For nearly two decades I have used Caliper as a 'front-line' tool to help me in a myriad of business roles—whether running an NHL franchise in Calgary, a Sports Publishing company in New York. a Media enterprise in Toronto or Coaching/Mentoring Senior Executives throughout North America, Caliper has been my 'secret weapon' in ensuring we have the 'right people' in the 'right roles'. Time and again, Caliper has proven it's worth—for me and my clients. If you place a premium on talent then you need to investigate how Caliper can help take you and your organization to the next level and beyond—Get the Caliper Advantage!!

Ron Bremner, President, Gold Medal Consulting Group Ltd.

The feedback I receive from Caliper is exceptional! I would not make a talent decision without considering the objective insights provided by my Caliper Client Advisor.

Caliper’s “job matching” service clearly illustrates where the strengths of people intersect with the requirements of our work, as the predictive capability of Caliper is extremely accurate. We use Caliper feedback to support selection, development and team construction. As a result, Caliper helps me avoid costly hiring mistakes and produce high performance.

Caliper’s insights are concise, but extremely in-depth—their comments on “job fit” not only consider key job requirements, but also the dynamics of other people on the team that will impact the individual’s performance. Caliper saves me the time required to figure out how my people will work best together—incredibly valuable insights that help drive effectiveness and profit for our business!

Millard Matthews, MBA, Western Canada General Manager, Johnston Equipment

Caliper Canada is a key partner in our talent management and development processes. Caliper helps us with the assessment of potential candidates, developing the ideal profile for critical positions, assisting with team building and providing development feedback based on the Caliper assessment. Their staff are knowledgeable, attentive, responsive and really take the time to understand the needs of their client. They provide more than just an assessment tool, Caliper helps build solutions and services to help you attract and develop the best talent.

Chief People Officer, A Leading Canadian Beverage Company

I have been using Caliper since 1999…I have no financial attachment to Caliper; I use and recommend Caliper because it delivers on the service promise. It works!

Principal, A Major Canadian Management Consulting Firm

I’m a longtime fan; Caliper was directly instrumental in growing my radio station’s retail ad revenue 81% in 30 months. The people Caliper recommended with reservations never worked out, while the ones Caliper recommended always made me money. I’m a raving fan!

Founder, A Popular Toronto Radio Station

…Having used Caliper’s services at FedEx and various other management assignments over the past 10 years, I was confident that your team [at Caliper] could help me gain a quick, accurate understanding of the people I have acquired at First Student. [Caliper] saved me months of time that would have been spent trying to understand my new team and even more time getting them to buy into the significant changes we are implementing today.

VP Sales - Eastern Canada, A Major Canadian Transportation Company

Coming into this organization, Caliper was my coach and partner, for me personally. The Caliper consultants have been people that I can call to question a thought or perception, they partnered with me to help the organization become all it can be. Caliper without question is our partner.

Joyce McPhetres, VP of HR, Central Maine Medical Center

I was tired of making what I thought was a good hire, only to find out six months later I was wrong. Then I discovered Caliper and my new-hire success improved immediately, as did my revenue.

Curt Nelson, President, EDC, Inc.

We've used Caliper for many years. We started out using it for sales and it was so successful that we now use it for all our employees.

Patti Sutton, Director of Human Resources, Propel Insurance

I’ve figured out how to use Caliper by making some mistakes along the way, by hiring people who had good experience and recommendations but poor Caliper results and they ended up not working out.

Mike Nagel, VP Sales & Marketing, Neomend