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Caliper Comparison Report

This service provides Managers with analysis of team dynamics for smooth onboarding and targeted team development.

The Caliper Comparison Report (CCR) eliminates the guess work and reduces the time required to assemble effective teams. Managers are provided with analysis of team dynamics for smooth onboarding and targeted team development. Based on Caliper results, the CCR indicates the degree to which team members are likely to demonstrate key work-related behaviours individually and among themselves.

The Caliper Comparison Report Features

Caliper Comparison Report (CCR)

The CCR may involve 2 to 10 person teams in a variety of reporting situations.

The CCR includes an executive summary that will help answer the following questions:

  • How do individuals align to key performance behaviours?
  • How will the collective tendencies of the team impact the results of individuals and the team as a whole?
  • What are the significant challenges and opportunities for new manager or team members joining the team?

The CCR includes developmental recommendations, communication style suggestions, and highlights areas of synergy and/or difference among the participants.

Caliper Debrief

The CCR is a fully supported service orchestrated by your Caliper Client Advisor. Trained to delve into the salient performance behaviours that impact your organization, your Client Advisor provides rich, objective insights that culminate in a predictive performance model for your team.

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“Caliper’s insights are concise, but extremely in-depth—their comments on “job fit” not only consider key job requirements, but also the dynamics of other people on the team that will impact the individual’s performance. Caliper saves me the time required to figure out how my people will work best together—incredibly valuable insights that help drive effectiveness and profit for our business!”

Millard Matthews, MBA, Western Canada General Manager, Johnston Equipment