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Caliper Individual Developmental Guide

The Caliper Individual Development Guide helps maximize the performance of your employees.

The Caliper Individual Development Guide (IDG), a special service derived from Caliper results, suggests a development program for each employee and supports in-depth coaching sessions.

The Caliper IDG Features

  • Identifies what really motivates each individual.
  • Highlights job-related strengths.
  • Pinpoints areas of developmental opportunity.
  • Provides practical suggestions for improving performance.
  • Improves your ability to coach individual employees.

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“One of the unique features of the Caliper Assessment is that it can be used to provide value-added insights for a variety of different roles. We started to use Caliper 8 years ago to support our rigorous hiring process. We are extremely pleased with the results and have recently taken the valuable data provided by Caliper and expanded it to include our Organizational Development Process. An organization like Chemtrade, can utilize this data as a support tool for career and succession planning, as well as ongoing employee development. We are extremely happy with the results!”

Maryann Romano, Vice President Human Resources, Chemtrade Logistics