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Job Definitions

With top quartile job performance as the goal, we bring a simple process to clarify performance expectations, critical tasks, and required competencies.

Whether a new position or an old job description that needs to reflect your organizations new realities, Caliper’s Client Advisors will quickly distill the factors that have/will drive top quartile job performance.

Depending on the risks and rewards associated with a role, Caliper can scale our job analysis from a simple review of job information to fully validated benchmark studies.

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“Trimac places a large emphasis on individual assessment for hiring, onboarding, promotion, development and cultural “fit”. Over many years, our relationship with Caliper has grown. The value of a Caliper assessment is in the personal debrief that accompanies each assessment as further productive actions are identified for the individual, their supervisor and the company. Caliper continues to be an important Trimac business partner.” 

Bruce Toner, VP HR, Trimac