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Featured Industry: Healthcare

How Will You Survive–and Thrive–in the Healthcare Industry?

From large, 700+ bed hospitals to small nursing homes or physicians starting a private practice, in healthcare your reputation is everything—and it’s only as good as the talent on your team.

Everyone in the industry is dealing with healthcare reform, rising costs and the fact that nearly 40 percent of doctors are approaching retirement age. While you can’t change that, you can stand out above the rest in the way you handle it.

As healthcare’s talent management leader, Caliper—with 50 years of proven scientific job-match data—can help ensure you have the people with the right abilities, traits and motivation to handle expanding EHR technology, reduce medical errors, work effectively with the fast-growing aging population, and market your organization as an attractive option to both patients and prospective doctors and nurses. With funds for training medical personnel included in healthcare reform, let Caliper help you build your greatest competitive advantage—your team. It’s really all that separates you from your competition.


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