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Caliper Pre-Employment Services

Caliper pre-employment services add objective predictive modelling capability that is designed to improve job fit and performance outcomes in today’s dynamic organizations.

With over a half-century of performance based research, Caliper’s services for talent selection and development provide rich, objective insights that aid leaders, managers and employees in their quest to produce world class performance outcomes.

Our highly trained Client Advisors work with you and your current talent management systems to advise you on: hiring; improving employee performance; building more effective teams; and preparing your organization for succession through the identification and development of future leaders.

From front line work to C-level assignments, Caliper applies the appropriate level of service rigor to comment on job fit and engage employees in their specific developmental opportunities.

In aggregate form, Caliper data helps leaders consider the tendencies of their organization while crafting future strategy; Caliper can comment on an organization’s disposition to change, innovation and execution.


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