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Caliper Advisor

The Caliper Advisor is our most popular and flexible service because it is fully supported and orchestrated by your Caliper Client Advisor.

The Caliper Advisor is a service that combines a robust online assessment with expert analysis and interpretation from a Caliper Client Advisor. Your Client Advisor will analyze and interpret the candidate’s alignment to a specific role for which they are being considered. This high-touch service results in extremely accurate, client-specific insights, and hiring recommendations.

The Caliper Advisor Features

Verbal Debrief

The Caliper Advisor is a fully supported service orchestrated by your Client Advisor. Trained to delve into the salient performance behaviours that impact your organization, your Client Advisor provides rich, objective insights that culminate in a hiring recommendation.

The Caliper Advisor Report

The report includes graphical representations of the candidate’s personality attributes and behavioural tendencies. Your Client Advisor will summarize the candidate’s potential performance in key job activities, how they are apt to behave in the workplace, and how closely they fit the position. The report concludes with your Client Advisor’s hiring recommendation.

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“The feedback I receive from Caliper is exceptional! I would not make a talent decision without considering the objective insights provided by my Caliper Client Advisor.

Caliper’s ‘job matching’ service clearly illustrates where the strengths of people intersect with the requirements of our work, as the predictive capability of Caliper is extremely accurate. We use Caliper feedback to support selection, development and team construction. As a result, Caliper helps me avoid costly hiring mistakes and produce high performance.”

Millard Matthews, MBA, Western Canada General Manager, Johnston Equipment