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Caliper Management-Suite

The Caliper Management‑Suite (M-Suite) provides a rigorous overall job fit recommendation by combining the fit‑to‑role and fit‑to‑company analysis with the fit‑to‑team analysis.

The Caliper Management-Suite is a rigorous service that includes the candidate’s individual results and a comparison analysis with his/her future team and comments on a candidate’s overall job fit. The purpose of the Caliper Management-Suite is to surface underlying traits, behaviours, and problem solving skills to provide an understanding of how a manager would cope with various real work life requirements and pressures. The Caliper Management-Suite is facilitated by a Caliper Client Advisor and includes a consolidated report.

The Caliper M-Suite Features

Caliper Management-Suite Report

  • Identify the motivations, job-related strengths, and developmental opportunities of your candidate(s).
  • Identify similarities and differences among the candidate(s) and the future team (i.e. direct reports, colleagues, superiors).
  • Identify the type of management style team members will respond to best in order to succeed in their efforts.
  • Predict team dynamics.

Verbal Debrief

The Caliper Management-Suite is a fully supported service orchestrated by your Client Advisor. Trained to delve into the salient performance behaviours that impact your organization, your Client Advisor provides rich, objective insights that culminate in a predictive performance model for the future team and a hiring recommendation.

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“Caliper’s “job matching” service clearly illustrates where the strengths of people intersect with the requirements of our work, as the predictive capability of Caliper is extremely accurate. We use Caliper feedback to support selection, development and team construction. As a result, Caliper helps me avoid costly hiring mistakes and produce high performance.

Caliper’s insights are concise, but extremely in-depth—their comments on “job fit” not only consider key job requirements, but also the dynamics of other people on the team that will impact the individual’s performance. Caliper saves me the time required to figure out how my people will work best together—incredibly valuable insights that help drive effectiveness and profit for our business!”

Millard Matthews, MBA, Western Canada General Manager, Johnston Equipment