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Caliper Talent Audit

The Caliper Talent Audit provides concise, objective insight for leaders regarding the core strengths of their workforce that influence business strategy and timing.

The looming leadership gap along with the increasing pace of organizational change, challenges leaders to anticipate and respond to the dynamic needs of the marketplace, their customers, and their employees. The Caliper Talent Audit synthesizes the innate strengths of the organization and how to unlock their potential.

The Caliper Talent Audit provide leaders with objective insights regarding their organization’s leadership bench strength, hidden pools of talent, and their propensity for change, innovation and execution; so that the organization’s potential can be fully realized.

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“…Having used Caliper’s services at FedEx and various other management assignments over the past 10 years, I was confident that your team [at Caliper] could help me gain a quick, accurate understanding of the people I have acquired at First Student. [Caliper] saved me months of time that would have been spent trying to understand my new team and even more time getting them to buy into the significant changes we are implementing today.”

VP Sales – Eastern Canada, A Major Canadian Transportation Company