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March 2013

What Are You Practicing?

Musicians have a saying that if you don’t practice for one day, you’ll notice. If you don’t practice for a second day, other musicians will notice. And if you don’t practice for a week, the audience will notice. So, what are you practicing now? My dear friend Russ Ferrara, who I first met in college and with whom I recently created a performance piece, is a trained classical musician. Part of …Read More

What are you breaking away from?

You’ve got to break through; You’ve got to break with the past; To break out; You’ve got to break away from what you know; Break a leg; But don’t let your spirit get broken; You have to break eggs to make an omelet; Sometimes, you’ve got to break into a sweat; Give me a break, for crying out loud; Wait! We have some late breaking news; Traveling at breakneck speed; …Read More