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What are you breaking away from?

You’ve got to break through;

You’ve got to break with the past;

To break out;

You’ve got to break away from what you know;

Break a leg;

But don’t let your spirit get broken;

You have to break eggs to make an omelet;

Sometimes, you’ve got to break into a sweat;

Give me a break, for crying out loud;

Wait! We have some late breaking news;

Traveling at breakneck speed;

We hear the sound of breaking glass;


Not the sound of hearts breaking;

No, no. no!

We should be break dancing;

Not breaking and entering;

Wait, I’m having trouble hearing you;

You’re breaking up;

We cannot be breaking up;

No. No. Say it isn’t so.

We should be together;

It’s time to break out – in song;


And break a record;

Then, we can break away from the crowd;

As the storm begins to break;

But, first, you have to break the chains that bind you;

Then break a rule or two;

Then, when you’re ready to break an old habit that may have gotten you here;

When you’ve reached your breaking point;

You can break that spell;

No need to break down;

Just break a dollar;

But don’t break a promise;

Just break away;

And take a break, if you have to;

You’ve got one foot on the accelerator,

And one on the brakes;

If we don’t break with the past,

We will break apart;

Or come to a complete brake;

We’ll be right back, after a quick break.


Part of what I’m talking about

Is doing something the same old way;

Over and over again;

Because it worked at one time or another.

Breaking away from all that –

And I want you to think about this –

All that stuff

That we need to break away from

Is nothing

But our own perspective;

Something we’ve been leaning on

For way too long.

It’s just something we’ve got to break through;

To get on the other side of;

So we can finally see