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6 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Team Player

While being a superstar has its appeal (fame, fortune, first-class), there’s not a whole lot of room in the corporate world, or even in our personal lives, for a one-man or woman show. Learning to shine as part of a team, rather than trying to be the star hovering above it (or avoiding it altogether) will do a lot more for your career and sense of well-being in the long run. …Read More

Productive Meetings: Possibility or Pipe Dream?

If you often lament about how much time you’ve wasted in useless meetings, you’re not alone. As an employee, you sit there thinking about all the things you could be accomplishing as precious minutes, and possibly hours, tick away. As the employer, you need to think about the same thing, but just on a larger scale: If you have eight people sitting in an unproductive meeting for just one hour, …Read More